What does it take to stand out in contemporary dance music? It is not enough to be a regular face in the globalised music scene: producer and DJ and vocalist Luna Semara understands the listener’s inbuilt need for love and flair in the beats, sounds and textures that feel organic.

The overarching production of the Bremen-based artist’s work is indeed organic, with a thrilling unease laced through for contrast. But Semara is not rooted: “I was born in France and raised in the French Alps, but my roots are ‘berbers’, which means outlanders in Ancient Egyptian” she told The Partae back in 2018. It makes sense then that Luna Semara feels at home slinking through boundaries of electronic music as a DJ, producer, composer and vocalist. DJing to sold out audiences over the world including at Electric Brixton and Printworks in London, Harry Klein in Munich and [ipsə] in Berlin or Rex in Paris, Semara is a relaxed yet energising performer, uniting crowds with her upbeat spirit.

Despite her warm, easy stage presence as a DJ, through her own art Luna Semara seeks a challenge, and her latest project — a one hour live vocal-based set — is just that. Relishing in contradiction, the industrious producer admitted to Electronic Groove that she prefers techno without vocals but regardless her aim was to “develop a live set that would suit [her] capabilities and also involve [her] voice.” 

Luna Semara’s fascination for electronic composition initially took hold upon her move to Berlin in the 90s, back when the city was still an insider tip — she absorbed the pumping bass, beats and synths of its illegal parties and flourishing club scene. Inspired, she embraced the artform for herself: Semara performed her first DJ set in Lisbon in 2011. With DJing experience now behind her, she released the slick and natural sounding EPs The Pink Room (2015), Mustafa (2016), Enuma (2016), Yul Brynner (2018) through HERZBLUT Recordings, the label of Stephan Bodzin. Semara met Bodzin back in 2002, and was given free space to craft her first tracks in his studio, while he was touring from 2007 on. Intriguing listeners and club goers with slow builds, seductive melancholy and danceability, her cluster of releases have gained support from Getintothis who positively described her debut as “a lush analog affair which bubbles away beautifully around the 115 mark” and blogs like The Club Map, who praised 2018 EP Yul Brynner for “rippling with tension and drama”. 

At the end of 2019, her vocal collaboration with up and rising producer and live act Jonas Saalbach´s track ‘Words unspoken’ out on Berlin based label ‘Radikon’. She also began performing tracks from her unreleased vocal EP Praise in Horst Vienna and T7 in Paris. 

2020 will see a vocal feature called ‘nothing like you’ on her husband´s new album as well as a fresh EP on Radikon.